If you use a script-driven app on your website and all the content that you generate is stored in a database, your website hosting package should include adequate database storage, so as to make certain that even when your website expands, you will not have any kind of problems due to the lack of space. PostgreSQL is a good example of a well-liked database administration system which is used with a lot of scalable web apps and in case you're looking for high-end performance and reliability for your website, it is very likely that you will use this solution. Considering this, you'll need a hosting package that won't limit your world wide web presence, particularly if you want to manage various sites and each of them works with PostgreSQL databases.
PostgreSQL Database Storage in Shared Web Hosting
We supply a number of Linux shared web hosting packages to provide you with a choice to choose the functions that you actually need and never pay extra for attributes that you will not use. For this reason, the PostgreSQL storage space is an additional upgrade that you're able to add from your Hepsia Control Panel to some of the plans; with others you'll have a certain allowance, while with the top-notch plans you receive unlimited database space. Because you can quickly switch between the packages or upgrade particular features, you can start with a lower-end one and upgrade if you want to host PostgreSQL-driven sites. Of course, if you wish to create this kind of a site from the beginning, you'll be able to select the most appropriate plan which includes PostgreSQL support by default.